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Alumni Inspiring Muleriders-Bryan Bolt

This is an interview with Bryan Bolt, an SAU Graduate, and alumni who enjoyed his time at SAU and would love the opportunity to give back to current and future students by sharing his own knowledge and experience.


Q – Why did you choose to attend SAU, perhaps over other colleges?

Bryan Bolt – I chose SAU because I knew I could get a quality education at an affordable price.


Q – What is the most valuable professional trait you learned during your time at SAU?

BB – Time management. Learning time management in college was a lifelong skill that helped me in my coaching career, my current career as a business owner, and life in general.


Q – How do you think an office like the Career Services Office is beneficial to students?

BB – I think the Career Services Office is a great tool for students because as a young adult in college, you think you know what you want to do in life but there are so many options out there that are not first to mind. It’s great for those options and details to be provided for students.


Q – What do you wish you would have known before entering the workforce?

BB – I wish I would have known more about the different career paths out there. I definitely do not regret the path I took, but I wish I would have known more so I could have had the options to choose from. I’m sure a lot of students feel the way I felt. I felt like I had very few options but I was wrong, I just didn’t know.


Q – Were you a member of any organizations while at SAU?

BB – HKR Club


Q – How did participating in those organizations help prepare you better for your career? Did you learn anything crucial to your career development from them?

BB – HKR was based around the profession I was going into so it helped me learn skills for coaching and teaching. I learned a lot of “people skills” from being involved in the HKR club. That has been crucial in every path I have taken.


Q – Would you recommend students give extracurricular organizations a try, from a professional development view?

BB – Definitely. I think that social skills are one of the most important skills a professional can have. Extracurricular activities are a great way to learn those skills.


Q – What is one piece of advice that you would give current students regarding career readiness and professional development?

BB – I would tell them to look at a lot of options. Do your research and talk to people in the field before you decide to choose that path. Learn from the people that came before you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get all of the facts, good and bad. Make an educated decision. The decisions you make on your career path and profession will affect you for the rest of your life.

Bryan Bolt

Bryan Bolt

My name is Bryan Bolt and I am a 2013 graduate of SAU. I am married to my beautiful wife, Laura, who is also a Mulerider alum. After graduating from SAU with a Bachelors of Science in Education, I was a teacher/coach for 8 years before changing career paths. I am now the owner and operator of the Bryan Bolt Agency with Shelter Insurance in Texarkana, Arkansas. I am an avid hunter, Razorback/Mulerider fan, and enjoy spending time with my family. Laura and I are both very proud to be Muleriders and we appreciate all that SAU gave to us during our time there. SAU will always be home.

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