Criminal Background & Drug Screening Information

Effective: November 15, 2009

To comply with mandates from clinical agencies utilized by the SAU Department of Nursing (DON), students enrolled in all DON programs are required at the initial semester of enrollment and yearly thereafter to have criminal background checks, driving history record checks, and urine drug screens in order to remain enrolled in any DON course. All screenings are conducted at the expense of the individual student. The screenings listed above will be conducted by, a background check service that allows students to purchase their own background check. The results of a student’s background check, driving history record check, and drug screen are posted to the web site in a secure, tamper-proof environment, where the student, as well as SAU DON Administrators, can view the background check results. The urine drug screen is coordinated by this company but is conducted at designated community sites. Each student will be instructed via the website regarding the specific approved site closest to them.

Under the student instruction link on Department of Nursing website, the student will find a step-by-step instruction sheet to use as a guide to accessing the website to complete this background check and drug screen. Please follow all directions very carefully. It is imperative that the data are entered accurately and completely and that all requested information is provided.

After the background order is complete and confirmation is received via email, the DON will be notified. The student must complete the order for the background check, driving history record check, and the drug screen  before the student can register for classes. Although the student will be permitted to complete the registration process, continued enrollment will be contingent on acceptable results. accepts only VISA, MasterCard or money orders. No personal checks or cash will be accepted.