RN-BSN Online Completion

Nursing (RN to BSN)

  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Medical/Surgical Nursing
  • Pharmacology I & II
  • Foundations of Community Health Nursing
  • Leadership & Management in Nursing Practice
  • Techniques of Health Assessment

Major in Nursing (RN to BSN)
121-123 hours

University Requirement – 2 hours

GSTD                     1002                        Freshman Seminar

General Education* – 27 hours(Sciencecourses are included in the major.)  PHIL 2403 Introduction to Philosophy and PSYC 2003 General Psychology are required.

Biological Science – 12 hours

BIOL       2063/2061               Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab
BIOL       2073/2071               Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab
BIOL       3032/3022               General Microbiology/Lab

Physical Science – 4 hours

CHEM                    1013/1011               College Chemistry I/Lab
CHEM                    1023/1021               University Chemistry I/Lab

Computer Science – 3 hours

CSCI                       1053                        Computer Concepts and Applications for Allied Health
CSCI                       1102/1101               Introduction to Computing/Lab

Other Requirements – 11 hours

SOC                        3183                        Statistics
SPCH                      1113                        Introduction to Public Speaking
SOC                        3033                        Sociology of Marriage and Family
SOC                        3013                        Social Problems
SOC                        4073                        Social Gerontology

2 hour upper level elective

Nursing Curriculum – 64 hours

NURS                     1207                        Fundamentals of Nursing**++
NURS                     1217                        Women’s Health and Care of the Neonate**++
NURS                     2017                        Medical/Surgical Nursing I++
NURS                     2143                        Care of the Child
NURS                     2207                        Medical/Surgical Nursing II++
NURS                     2223                        Mental Health Nursing
NURS                     2401                        Pharmacology I
NURS                     2411                        Pharmacology II
NURS                     3001                        Orientation for On-Line RN – BSN Completion Program
NURS                     3003                        Health Assessment
NURS                     3013                        Issues and Trends in Nursing
NURS                     3035                        Community Health Nursing++
NURS                     3043                        Introduction to Nursing Research
NURS                     3053                        The Business of Health Care
NURS                     3502                        Informatics Nursing
NURS                     4015                        Leadership and Management++
NURS                     4113                        Evidence Based Nursing
**NURS 1417 LPN to RN Transition satisfies requirement for NURS 1207 and NURS 1217

++ Courses with a clinical component

To meet admission requirements for the Department of Nursing, the applicant must:

  1. Be admitted to SAU with regular or conditional admission status and/or maintain a cumulative 2.00 GPA at SAU.
  2. Be a graduate from a NLNAC accredited associate degree program or diploma program.
  3. Students are encouraged to complete all general education requirements prior to enrolling in upper division nursing courses.
  4. Students who have completed SPCH 1113: Introduction to Speech, PHIL 2403: Introduction to Philosophy; and SOC 3183: Statistics may be allowed to enroll in the upper division nursing courses.
  5. Have transcripts evaluated by nursing faculty if transferring from another college or university. NOTE: SAU’s Department of Nursing follows the Arkansas Nursing Articulation Model for transfer credits in nursing; however, courses taken at community colleges are not counted as part of the junior/senior hours required for graduation at SAU.
  6. Possess an unencumbered state license to practice in the state in which the clinical experiences will be obtained.
  7. Have proof of Hepatitis B vaccination, TB screening, and current American Heart Association CPR certification.
  8. To comply with mandates from clinical agencies utilized by the SAU Department of Nursing, students enrolled in all nursing programs are required at the initial semester of enrollment and yearly thereafter to have criminal background checks, driving history record checks, and urine drug screens in order to remain enrolled in any nursing course. All screenings are conducted at the expense of the individual student. More information and pricing as well as student instructions [pdf] are available.
  9. Realize if an injury occurs in the clinical setting, the student is responsible for all applicable cost related to the injury. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain health insurance.
  10. Submit a completed Department of Nursing application according to the deadlines posted on the nursing website.
  11. Application forms may be obtained from the Nursing Department or you can complete the online application form.
  12. Mail application and a copy of all unofficial transcripts to:

Southern Arkansas University Department of Nursing
Attention: RN-BSN Program Application
P.O. Box 9406
Magnolia, AR 71754-9406
Or deliver to Wharton Nursing, room 201A.


Department of Nursing / College of Science and Engineering

Hours Required: 121
Categories: Major, Undergraduate
Registered nurses with an associates degree can advance their careers by obtaining the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online. The purpose of the RN-BSN Online Completion Program  is to prepare the graduate for entry into professional practice as a generalist who cares for persons as individuals, members of family/groups, and as communities in both structured and unstructured health care settings.

Our mission

The mission of the Department of Nursing is to provide students with opportunities for intellectual growth, cultivation of skills for critical thinking, and the communication and skill development for career preparation in a global environment. The Department of Nursing is committed to meeting regional health care needs by preparing graduates who demonstrate competency as health care practitioners.

Transfer Student Policy

Students previously enrolled in another RN to BSN Completion nursing program must forward a letter requesting transfer and attach copies of all unofficial college transcripts. Students who are requesting transfer from another nursing program are also required to provide a letter from the program dean/chair/director of eligibility to reenter their previous nursing program in order to be eligible for consideration in the SAU nursing program. Transfer credit will be considered on an individual basis.

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