Prior to pre-registration or registration, you must be admitted to Southern Arkansas University.

After being admitted to the University, each student must register for courses at the time designated by the University. The student is responsible for the accuracy of the registration schedule, which should correspond with planning a program of study and meeting the requirements of graduation.

No credit will be granted for courses for which the student has not been duly registered.

The last day a student will be allowed to register is the Wednesday of the second week of classes of a regular semester or the third day of the first week of a summer session.

Students entering late (after the regular registration period) must pay a $50 late registration fee and may be required to take a reduced class load.

A student’s registration is incomplete until all admissions requirements are met and all fees have been paid.

Change of Registration

A student’s schedule may be changed during the first six days of classes of a regular semester or the first three days of a summer term, subject to the approval of the advisor and the payment of a $10 fee.

Dropping a Course

A student may drop a course without penalty until the end of office hours on Wednesday of the 11th week of a regular semester or Wednesday of the third week of a summer term subject to the consultation with the advisor and the payment of a $10 fee. A student who drops a course after these deadlines will receive a grade of WF (withdrawal with failure), except for circumstances beyond the student’s control which are approved by the registrar. A grade of WF is computed in the grade point average as an F.

A student who stops attending class, but does not officially withdraw, will receive a grade of F in the course.

A student receiving VA benefits will be governed by Veterans Administration regulations regarding the dropping of courses and should contact the Office of the Registrar for information. Other agencies furnishing financial assistance to a student may have regulations affecting the dropping of courses which differ from those of the University policy.