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The Southern Arkansas University Research Station of the Arkansas Archeological Survey (AAS-SAU) is located on the SAU campus in Magnolia, Arkansas. The AAS-SAU Research Station is responsible for the archeological resources of 11 counties in southwestern Arkansas. The station territory stretches from the southern edge of the Ouachita Mountains to the Arkansas/Louisiana state Line, and incorporates the Great Bend region of the Red River. The late prehistoric and protohistoric inhabitants within the station territory were members of the Caddoan culture (in the west) and the Plaquemine culture (in the east). Among the important sites in the SAU station territory is Crenshaw, the earliest known Caddoan ceremonial center, and Historic Washington State Park, an antebellum town restored and interpreted by Arkansas State Parks and the Pioneer Washington Restoration Foundation.

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Manuscript Monday: La Vere’s “The Caddo Chiefdoms”

Today, we’re looking at David La Vere’s The Caddo Chiefdoms: Caddo Economics and Politics, 700-1835 (University of Nebraska Press, 1998). This book covers a little over a millennium of Caddo history, from what archaeologists believe is the formation of the group around 800 AD up until the breakup of Caddo communities and dislocation of Caddo… Read More

Let’s Give Manuscript Mondays a Whirl

We’ve been trying a number of weekly social media events on the Facebook pages of various Arkansas Archeological Survey (ARAS) stations. “Throwback Thursday,” a wide-ranging phenomenon across the Book of Faces, has been used for showing off images from past fieldwork. In the past year or so, some of our stations have been contributing to… Read More

Basic Excavation Units, Covered Against Rain

June Rambles for the ARAS-SAU Crew

June is a busy month for the Arkansas Archeological Survey. Each year, we help run the Arkansas Archeological Society’s annual Training Program dig, a 2.5 week-long excavation on some important site, somewhere in the state. The Society Dig, as we call it, rotates around the state, and was last in our neck of the woods… Read More