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Our crib’s feature is a Social @ SAU series that highlights decked-out residence hall rooms across the SAU campus. 

So if you are looking for a way to decorate your crib, maybe you’ll get some ideas from these creative SAU students who call their SAU crib “home.”

Meet Karly, Madesyn, Rebecca, and MyKayla.

Karly is a junior Ag Business major from Stuttgart, Arkansas, Madesyn is a junior Ag Business major from Paragould, Arkansas, Rebecca is a junior Social Work major from Atlanta, Texas, and MyKayla is a junior Exercise Science major from Hope, Arkansas.

They are residents of Mulerider Pointe Apartments.

Karly: I would definitely say that the theme for our apartment is a seasonal girly theme. We change our decor with the seasons so right now we are decorated for Fall.

Madesyn: Right now it totally gives off all the “Hello Fall” vibes, but I plan to redecorate for every season.

Rebecca: I would also have to say that our theme for our apartment is a seasonal girly theme. It changes with the seasons, but it is always girly.

MyKayla: Our apartment gives off a cozy and welcoming home that changes with the seasons.


Karly: Yes my apartment does have sentimental meaning to me. It feels like my own place away from home. We get to live off campus while still being apart of the campus. It feels like taking a big step to prepare myself for life after college.

Madesyn: I enjoy having my own little place that feels like home.

MyKayla: I purchased most of the things in my apartment from Walmart.

Rebecca: I actually bought most of my stuff from Dollar Tree and Walmart. Also, some of the things in the room was given to me.

Karly: My favorite purchase in the apartment is the yellow shower curtain. It is so cute and I just love it.

Madeysn: My favorite purchase is the lights we have hanging up in our room.

Rebecca: My favorite purchase is my comforter.

MyKayla: My favorite is definitely my coffee pot and couch. It is the best combo for a cozy morning or a lazy Saturday.

MyKayla: I enjoy living at the Pointe  because it is not too far from campus and it is a peaceful community.

Rebecca: I enjoy living in the Pointe because it is quiet and calm, there is not as much traffic like there is on campus.

Madesyn: I think the residents of the Pointe enjoy living there because it really gives everyone a sense of responsibility and gives the students a chance to learn to be independent. 

Karly: I think the residents enjoying living at the Pointe for the same reasons I do. We all love the environment and how much space we have.

Karly: I feel that what makes us unique is that we are apart of campus but still down the road from everything. We get to experience living in the apartment style rooms.

Madesyn: All of the apartments have a full kitchen, which is super nice and convenient.

Rebecca: It is unique because if gives off a different feeling from all the other buildings on campus.

MyKayla: The Pointe is unique because all the buildings are different and each one has its own living that makes it feel like home.

Karly: Living in the Pointe is so relaxing and fun. I love the homey feeling and how we all get a space to ourselves.

Madesyn: I love living here. It’s really nice having a place that has such a warm and cozy feelings to come home to everyday after classes.

Rebecca: It is like living at home living in the Pointe.

MyKayla: Living at the Pointe is amazing. I am able to truly make it a home while still being in college.

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