Office of Early Intervention Services

The mission of the Office of Early Intervention Services is to communicate the University’s interest in keeping students in school and on the road to eventual graduation. Its objective is to identify and reach out to those students that may be experiencing difficulty by referral through the campus-wide Early Alert System and attempt to intervene if possible.

Faculty, staff, and students can submit an Early Alert for students that are at risk of dropping or failing, experiencing difficulties, missing too many classes, or exhibiting any kind of troubling behaviors. Through the combined efforts of the Office of Early Intervention Services, the Advising and Assistance Center, Student Support Services, Office of Student Life, the University Police Department and the Counseling and Testing Center these students will be contacted and given the needed support to make improvements and complete their courses.

The goals of Southern Arkansas University’s Early Alert System are to:

  • Reach struggling students as early in the semester as possible
  • Increase student academic success
  • Connect struggling students to college resources to resolve their academic and/or personal issues
  • Increase student retention and improve graduation rates

Faculty should submit Early Alerts through Campus Connect throughout each semester for the students in their classes by going to Campus Connect -> Faculty Menu -> Administrative Menu -> Alert Referral.

Staff, Resident Assistants, and other students can submit Early Alerts to the Office of Early Intervention Services by using the early alert form. If you know of a struggling student, a student that is missing a lot of class, or have  noticed troubling behaviors in a student please let us know by submitting an Early Alert to the Department of Early Intervention Services.