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About SAU Agriculture

The faculty and staff of the department are willing to work with all students with an interest in agriculture to aid them in being successful during their studies at SAU.  

SAU is among the universities in the nation.
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Master of Science in Agriculture

Masters of Science in Agriculture (33 hours required for Degree)

Required Core Classes – 18 hours
AGRI6063Advanced Leadership for Agricultural Professionals
AGRI6083Professional Development in Agriculture
AGRI6123Philosophy of Agricultural Education
AGRI6133Experiential Learning
AGRI6153Leadership of Volunteers
EDUC6003Educational Research
Select 15 hours from the following – 15 hours
AGRI6143Adult Education in Agriculture
AGRI6163Practical Experiences for Career Orientation Courses
AGRI6173Methods of Organizing and teaching Career Orientation
EDUC5033Classroom Assessment
EDUC6043Current Issues and Trends in Education
EDUC6063Applications of Technology in Education
EDUC6083Application of Learning Theories
EDUC6403School Law


AgricultureCollege of Science and Engineering

Hours Required: 33
Categories: Graduate
Completion Time: 2 years *
Cost Per Year: In state: $6,047 / Out of State: $8,687
Complete Program Cost: In state: $12,094 / Out of State: $17,374

* Based on 2 classes per semester including summer

The Master of Science in Agriculture gives the graduate student advanced knowledge in the field of agricultural education, preparing the student to succeed in positions of leadership and management in secondary schools and extension education.

Learning Goals

  1. Our graduates can communicate effectively. Effective communication embraces oral, visual, and language arts, including the ability to listen, speak, read, and write. It includes the effective use of various resources and technology for personal and professional communication.
  2. Our graduates are prepared to be personally and socially responsible citizens, having the ability to apply knowledge and skills that encourage responsible civic engagement for the advancement of society. This includes an understanding of their own and other cultures and societies and the ability to make informed and ethical decisions.
  3. Our graduates can think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and ideas from multiple perspectives. It includes the accurate use of terminology, information literacy, the application of scholarly and scientific methods, logical argument, and capability for analysis and problem solving.
  4. Our graduates can use technology effectively in their fields. Information literacy is the ability to determine the nature of required information, to access it effectively, and to evaluate it critically. It includes the responsible, legal, and ethical use of information.
  5. Our graduates have content knowledge in their chosen fields and the necessary skills to be successful. Content knowledge is discipline and degree specific.

farming, ag education, agri, farm, food, grow

Program Contact

Dr. Copie Moore

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