Computer Science

Major in Computer Science (BS)
120 hours

University Requirement -2 hours

GSTD                     1002                        Freshman Seminar

General Education – 28 hours (Mathematics and physical science courses are included in the major.)

Computer Science - 42 hours

CSCI                       2103 (3)                  Computer Science I
CSCI                       2113                        Computer Science II
CSCI                       3063                        High Level Language
CSCI                       3103                        Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI                       3203                        Assembler and Machine Organization
CSCI                       3703                        Computer Architecture
CSCI                       4133                        Operating Systems
CSCI                       4143                        Programming Languages and Compilers
CSCI                       4153                        Software Engineering

15 hours of electives selected from the following:

CSCI                       3133                        Advanced UNIX/LINUX
CSCI                       3403                        Artificial Intelligence
CSCI                       3903                        Special Topics in Computer Science
CSCI                       4163                        Computer Graphics
CSCI                       4173                        Computerized Simulations
CSCI                       4413                        Web Programming
MATH                    4043 (2)                  Numerical Analysis
IS                            3403                        Database Management Systems

Mathematics – 19 hours

MATH                    1525 (1)                  Calculus I
MATH                    1545                        Calculus II
MATH                    2033                        Discrete Mathematics
MATH                    2753                        Linear Algebra
MATH                    4073                        Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Physics - 8 hours

PHYS                     2003/2001               College Physics I/Lab and
PHYS                     2103/2101               College Physics II/Lab


PHYS                     2203/2201               University Physics I/Lab and
PHYS                     2213/2211               University Physics II/Lab

Completion of remaining hours to total 120 hours as approved by the advisor.  Student may need additional upper-level hours to complete the required 40 junior/senior hours. CSCI 1102/1101 is a prerequisite to CSCI 2103 depending on computer experience, a student may substitute an elective.

No minor is required in this major.


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