Bachri, Abdel

Dr. Abdel Bachri

Associate Professor of Physics, Chair of Dept. of Engineering and Engineering Physics


P.O. Box 9256
Building/Office: Science (SCI) 107F
Slot Number: 46

Abdel Bachri, completed a B.S degree and a M.S.  from the University of Hassan II, Casablanca, where he majored in Physics. He also received a Master in High Energy Physics from the International Center of Theoretical Physics, in Trieste, Italy, and a Ph.D in Theoretical Particle Physics from Oklahoma State University. His main research interests are the study, via theoretical modeling, of matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe, and the problem of Dark Matter. Recently however, he developed an in interest in experimental particle physics. He is currently involved with the effort to observe neutrinoless double beta decay in high pressure xenon time projection chamber at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Abdel Bachri teaches the following courses: Modern Physics, Physical Optics, Analytical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics (E&M), Advanced Physics Laboratory, Advanced Special Engineering/Physics Topics, Calculus based Physics, Algebra Based Physics and Physical sciences.