SAU offering one-time Bonus Scholarship

In response to the changes in the Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship payouts, Southern Arkansas University is offering qualifying freshmen a one-time $750 scholarship.

Eligibility for this scholarship is open to beginning freshmen who have at least a 3.00 cumulative high school grade point average, are receiving the Arkansas Challenge scholarship and are not one of the University or Presidential scholarship recipients at SAU.

The administration at SAU understands the importance of assisting these Arkansas Challenge students, and adjusted the 2013-14 budgets accordingly to allow for this new scholarship.

“This scholarship will help students and parents by taking some of the initial pressure off of planning for college costs,” said Sarah Jennings, SAU Dean of Enrollment Services. “We want our incoming students and their parents to be able to concentrate on enrolling at SAU and getting settled into their classes.”

For more information, please contact the SAU Office of Admissions at (870) 235-4040. Registration for SAU’s exciting summer orientation and class scheduling days, called “BAM – Becoming a Mulerider,” is currently open online.

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