Photographer Tom Ulrich to present at SAU

World renowned wildlife photographer Tom Ulrich will present his work at his 21st annual visit to Southern Arkansas University at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13 and 14 in Foundation Hall of the D.W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center.

His work will include captured images from his 2012 adventures in Alaska, Africa, Glacier National Park and of the bird migrations of south Texas and Florida.A freelance photographer since 1975, Ulrich has been featured in more than 100,000 magazines and publications, including National Wildlife, Audubon, National Geographic, Life, Sierra, American Hunter, Outdoor Oklahoma, Ranger Rick, Alaska and others. He has published seven nature books – “Mammals of the Canadian Rockies,” “Birds of the Canadian Rockies,” “Mammals of the Northern Rockies,” “Birds of the Northern Rockies,” “Once Upon a Frame,” “Photo Pantanal” and “Mt. Reynolds: The Story.”Ulrich’s visits to the Magnolia campus is not only a precursor to the coming of spring, it provides us a peaceful escape into exotic lands and the animals that inhabit them. Visit Tom Ulrich’s website for more information.

Admission is free and the annual event is sponsored by SAU Student’s Activity Board, Department of Art and Design, and our “Community of Friends.” This show is dedicated to Magnolia’s Sterling Lacy, who passed away in December. Lacy has been one of the event’s co-sponsors since its beginning, was very active in the Audubon society, a master gardener and conducted bird counts in south Arkansas. Lacy was also Tom Ulrich’s biggest fan and will be recognized during the annual presentation.

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