SAU loses Molly B, foundation of Mulerider mascot

Southern Arkansas University is mourning the loss of a beloved icon, Molly B.

The mule that carried SAU’s Mulerider mascot across the end zone after touchdowns for more than 20 years died Tuesday, March 5. She was 26 years old.

Molly B has been an integral part of SAU sporting events, activities, school spirit and identity since she was given to the University by then-Agriculture Department Chair Dr. James Tollett in 1993. According to Tollett, Molly B was six years old when she came to SAU to rally for the Muleriders. Molly B’s temperament and energy served the university well in her 20 years.

So loved was she that it has been proposed that all ensuing mules who work with the Mulerider mascot will bear the name Molly. Molly B will be proceeded by Molly Ann, a gaited mule, who is known to be a bit more feisty than her predecessor. She is being prepared to take over Molly B’s important role at school events by fall 2013.

Wreaths and flowers are already being placed on the SAU farm road fence row that once was home to Molly B. People are welcome to pay tribute to her memory.

A memorial service will be held on the farm road at noon Thursday, March 14. A reception hosted by the SAU Alumni Association will follow at the Welcome Center. Refreshments will be served.

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