April 2013 Minutes

The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in Bus 341. Senators in attendance were Phyllis Austin, Kathy Cole, Kendra Copeland, Emily Jester, Edgar Johnson, Allen Lachut, Jeremy Langley, Angela McLaughlin, Lesley Robertson, Brad Stout, Becki Talley, Robbye Taylor, Paula Washington-Woods, Wilma Williams, Michael Woods and Lillie Wright. Lesley Robertson had Shawana Reed’s proxy. Guests included Dr. David Rankin.

Approval of Minutes

Jeremy Langley called the meeting to order. Edgar Johnson made a motion to accept the January 23, 2013 minutes with a second by Robbye Taylor.

Old Business

There was no old business.

 Committee Reports

  •  Lillie Wright – Commencement Committee
  • Paula Washington-Woods- Scholarship Appeals Committee
  • Kathy Cole – Graduate Council meeting
  • Jeremy Langley – Student Media Committee
  • Kendra Copeland – AQIP meeting
  • Brad Stout – Faculty Senate

New Business

University Update

Dr. David Rankin gave a report on the University. Rankin spoke on the recent legislative session and how it will affect SAU including the performance funding issue. He also discussed the new rules for the lottery scholarships. Rankin reminded everyone that they will be responsible for a portion of their insurance costs. He noted that energy consumption costs is responsible for about 33% of our budget and asked that everyone be more energy conscious by turning off anything in the offices that consume electricity.  Dr. Rankin gave an update on the construction of the new residence hall and the reception center at the arena. Rankin noted that if there were to be a cost-of-living raise, it would be in the fall after enrollment to see if there would be funds for the raises. He noted that on the Concealed Carry legislation there needed to be more institutional control and university input on who could carry guns on campus. As it is currently written there are no stipulations in the legislation. He asked for a letter from the Staff Senate about our recommendation on the issue. He announced there would be “Gun Free” signs posted around campus.

 ALLUSERS E-Mail Policy

There was a discussion about the recent Faculty Senates vote on the Allusers e-mail policy. Based on the discussion, the Staff Senate made the following recommendation: “As it is presented or written, the Staff Senate does not support the proposed Allusers e-mail policy.” A motion was made by Paula Washington-Woods to accept the recommendation with a second by Brad Stout.

Faculty/Staff Concealed Carry Legislation

There was a discussion about the option to allow faculty or staff who have a concealed carry permit to be able to carry guns on campus. The Faculty Senate had met and voted to opt out and not allow guns on campus.  A motion was made by Brad Stout for the Staff Senate to recommend to the Board of Trustees to opt out of allowing guns on campus. Wilma Williams seconded the motion. The final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees at their next meeting.

Charitable Fund Report

Kendra Copeland distributed the charitable fund report.

 Staff Updates

There were no staff updates.



The motion to adjourn was made by Brad Stout with a second by Paula Washington-Woods. The next Staff Senate meeting will be May 15, 2013.