October 2012 Minutes

The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. in Reynolds 205. Senators in attendance were Phyllis Austin, Kathy Cole, Kendra Copeland, Emily Jester,  Allen Lachut, Jeremy Langley, Angela McLaughlin, Shawana Reed, Brad Stout, Becki Talley,  Robbye Taylor, Sandra Walker, Paula Washington-Woods, Wilma Williams and Lillie Wright. Guests included Dr. Trey Berry.

Approval of Minutes

Jeremy Langley called the meeting to order. Brad Stout made a motion to accept the September 19 minutes with a second by Sandra Walker. Jeremy Langley welcomed Angela McLaughlin to the senate. She was elected to replace Daniel Page on the Academics Affair Unit.

Old Business

Parking Appeals Committee

Jeremy Langley noted that in February 2012, the Faculty Parking Appeals Committee had asked the Staff Parking Appeals Committee to combine the two committees into one. A motion was made to join the faculty parking appeals committee with equal representation on the committee. Langley asked the senate to reaffirm that motion to rejoin the Faculty Parking Appeals Committee with equal representation. A motion was made by Brad Stout with a second by Robbye Taylor.

Committee Reports

Lillie Wright gave a report on the Commencement Committee.

Jeremy Langley reported on the Fringe Benefits Committee.

Brad Stout gave a report on the Faculty Senate Committee

Sandra Walker reported on the IRB Committee and the Research Committee.

Paula Washington Woods reported on the Student Affairs Committee.

New Business

VPAA Report

Dr. Trey Berry gave a report on AQIP. Berry discussed the continuous improvement goals that were being addressed by the AQIP team. He also noted when the team sent their report into the Higher Learning Commission, they received a great response. The commission was impressed with the goals that had been accomplished. Berry also discussed the action projects that were being done on campus. Advising is one of the major action projects that need to be looked at and revamped. Also, the Faculty/Staff Development project is moving forward with ideas on training projects and also the evaluation process for faculty and staff.

University Strategic Plan

Jeremy Langley requested feedback from the Staff Senate on the strategic plan that he had sent out for review. The plan was divided into seven goal groups and the senate was asked to look it over and write down any comments they had about the plan. The responses can be turned into Jeremy Langley or Kathy Cole.

Staff Recognition

Jeremy Langley announced that in addition to the faculty pictures that are displayed in Overstreet, the Mary Anna King Whitehead winners would also be displayed. The two current award winners’ pictures will be displayed in the hall along with the Faculty Honor Professors. There was a discussion about how to recognize the past winners of the award with several different ideas brought up such as name plates or maybe a TV with a looping display. The name plates were agreed up. It will be a fixed plaque with sliding names plates that can be adjusted as new names are added.


Charitable Fund Report

The fund report was distributed by Kendra Copeland. She noted the balance in the fund and also noted what the fund had been used for in the month of September.

Staff Updates

Several staff members that had been having health issues were doing much better. Wilma Williams had visited with Sonny Whittington and reported that he was doing okay.


The motion to adjourn was made by Brad Stout with a second by Paula Washington Wood. The next Staff Senate meeting will be Wednesday, November 14, 2012.