April 2012 Minutes

The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. in Reynolds 210. Senators in attendance were Phyllis Austin, Cynthia Blake, Kathy Cole, Kendra Copeland, Josh Kee, Jeremy Langley, Shawana Reed, Sandra Smith, Houston Taylor, Becki Talley, Sandra Walker, Lesley Walthall, Paula Washington-Woods, Wilma Williams, Donald Wray and Lillie Wright. Guests included Donna Allen, Scott White and Christopher Harris.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Josh Kee. Jeremy Langley made a motion to accept the February 15, 2012 minutes with a second by Donald Wray.

Old Business

Staff Awards Breakfast:
Josh Kee congratulated the Staff Awards Breakfast committee on doing an excellent job organizing and hosting the Staff Awards Breakfast.

Committee Reports

Board of Trustees Report:
Jeremy Langley reported the Board of Trustees had a conference call meeting regarding increasing the bond for campus improvements to 12 million dollars. These improvements would benefit SAU and SAU-Tech. He also noted that Buddy Franks was appointed to a 5-year term.

Faculty Senate Report:
Scott White reported on the Faculty Senate meeting. The next meeting will be April 19. He also noted the faculty senate had voted to have a joint parking appeals committee with the staff. It will be by joint representation.

New Business

Update on Retention:
Dr. Donna Allen reported on efforts to increase retention on campus. She noted research had shown that retention is low among students moving from freshmen to sophomores. She announced that one of the AQIP projects was to deal with freshmen retention. She also noted that retention is down on all college campuses and she discussed different issues that affect retention, such as geographic location, ethnicity, gender, etc. Lower retention is also partly due to changes in financial aid, and the funding issues from the state. Dr. Allen reported that several things are being done to help with retention including the Early Alert System upgrade, Freshmen Seminar, and freshmen mentoring. There is now a full-time director of developmental studies and students can now enroll in the new fast start programs.

SAU Charitable Fund:
Kendra Copeland reported on the SAU Charitable Fund. She distributed copies of the charitable fund account report that showed the monies being deposited and also how much had already been taken out to help staff members on campus that have had special needs. Kendra requested that each area have a designated person that can get contact information for anyone that has a need to either Phyllis Austin or Kendra Copeland. A copy of the charitable fund account report is available from Kendra if anyone would like to review it.


Aramark Menu:
Sandra Smith asked if the committee had heard any complaints about Aramark sending out daily menus to Allusers. There was a discussion about whether it could be created for the whole week and only sent out once or could it be an on-line menu. Smith noted that Aramark might not know a week ahead what they would be offering, and she did not know about it being posted on-line. Other than those questions, no one on the Staff Senate thought it was a problem.

Regional Career Expo 2012:
Wilma Williams announced that the career expo would be held on campus Thursday, May 10.

Staff Updates:
Updates were given on several staff members who are having health issues. The Staff Senate wishes them a speedy recovery.

Josh Kee congratulated Paula Washington-Woods and Lynne Disotell on receiving the Mary Anna King Whitehead Staff Awards at the staff breakfast in March.


The motion to adjourn was made by Jeremy Langley with a second by Donald Wray. The next Staff Senate meeting will be Wednesday, May 16, 2012 in Reynolds 205.