Student Ambassadors


Who are the student ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are highly talented and motivated individuals who are nominated by their department to represent the College of Science and Engineering. They represent the college through:

  • helping to host events, such as the science open house, science fair, and  math competitions 
  • recruiting with faculty on recruiting trips, on student visits, and BAM.
  • promoting the College of Science and Engineering and its programs by talking to prospective students and parents

Current student ambassadors

Allison McCoskey - Senior/Chemistry major/Pine Bluff

Allison McCoskey – Senior/Chemistry major/Pine Bluff

“Without the strong foundation in chemistry I have received at SAU, I do not think I would have been accepted into the pharmacy program at the University of Arkansas Medical School.”

Brooke Watson - Senior/Biology major/Magnolia

Brooke Watson – Senior/Biology major/Magnolia

“When I give tours to prospective science students, I express to them my love for the SAU College of Science and Technology. I have had so many important experiences in the different classes and labs during my time in the Science Center.”

Russell Gregory - Junior/Biology major/Magnolia

Russell Gregory –
Junior/Biology major/Magnolia

“The SAU College of Science and Techology is helping me fulfill my dreams of becoming a physician and helping me become a leader in the science community. The small class sizes and caring professors build relationships with me that will last a lifetime.”

Jamie Crawford - Senior/Chemistry Pre-Health major/Camden

Jamie Crawford – Senior/Chemistry Pre-Health major/Camden

“The College of Science and Technology at SAU challenges its students to be all they can be and helps them succeed in the field of their dreams. I’m grateful to SAU for helping me get accepted into Harding’s College of Pharmacy.”

Nicole Long-Aragon - Senior/Biology major/Magnolia

Nicole Long-Aragon – Senior/Biology major/Magnolia

“It is because of all of the opportunities offered at the SAU College of Science and Technology that allowed me to discover my interest in research. I have so much appreciation for the faculty in the Biology Department for helping me find my passion for research.”

Although students are usually nominated to be student ambassadors, positions do come available on occasion. If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador, please contact:Ms.Sarajane Telford
Office: 870-235-4290.
Building/Office: Science Center 106H