Master of Computer and Information Science

Statement of Purpose

The Master of Science in Computer and Information Science is designed to reflect the ongoing changes in the computer science field. It will provide a solid foundation in computer hardware and software, systems design, communications, and project/team management skills, particularly in the networking environment. It will provide students the training and information for an enduring foundation needed for future professional growth. Specific career tracks anticipated for graduates include information system project management, system analyst and design or development specialist, data manager, and pre-Ph.D. and M.D. research assistant data managers.

Undergraduate requirements

Students should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Students with a bachelor’s degree in other areas will be considered and may be required to take up to four undergraduate courses, determined by the advisor, from the following: CSCI 3063 High Level Language, CSCI 3103 Data Structures and Algorithms, CSCI 3703 Computer Architecture, and MATH 2033 Discrete Mathematics. No graduate credit is given for the completion of undergraduate courses.

Specific Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the Master of Science in Computer and Information Science degree must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework.

Core Courses (12 hours)
MCIS 5103 Advanced Programming Concepts
MCIS 5113 Web Technology
MCIS 5413 Web Programming
MCIS 5133 Data Base Management Systems
Choose 18 hours from the following
MCIS 5003 Survey of Information Tech with Applications
MCIS 5013 The UNIX Operating System
MCIS 5153 Design and Analysis of Web-based Information System
MCIS 6153 Software Engineering
MCIS 6123 Decision Support Systems
MCIS 6133 User Interface Implementation
MCIS 6143 Web Application and Web Services
MCIS 6163 Computer Networking
MCIS 6173 Networking Security
MCIS 6243 Wireless and Mobile Security*
MCIS 6223 Risk Analysis and Infrastructure*
MCIS 6213 Applied Crypotography*
MCIS 6233 Computer Forensics*
MCIS 6183 Special Topics
*Required for emphasis in Cyber Security and Information Assurance