Mathematics & Computer Science

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The Department

Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Masters in Computers and Information Science. The B.S. in mathematics provides two options: one option offers a curriculum that adheres to the standards of the Mathematical Association of America and relates to students interested in professional or graduate programs requiring extensive Math backgrounds. The other Math option adheres to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for those preparing to teach in public or private schools and requires completion of a minor in teacher education.

The curriculum in the Computer Science degree adheres to the professional standards of the Association for Computer Machinery. The B.S. in Computer Science has two option concentrations for students to choose: B.S. in Computer Science with option concentration in Computer Game and Animation Design for students interested in innovative video game development which offers experience in highly competitive introductory and advanced topics of game programming and art skills as well as mobile apps. B.S. in Computer Science with option concentration in Computer Technology which concentrates on Information Technology, Industrial Technology and applications of computing including the electronic systems and devices in the creation of computer hardware and software. The graduate program in Computer Science offers a Master in Computers and Information Science with a dual course delivery of on campus or fully on-line.

Our faculty are dedicated, experienced and committed to the mission of the Department. This mission is to prepare students to achieve their best in the courses for which they enroll. We offer a wide variety of courses at the developmental, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Such courses are designed to meet the needs of remediation, general education and to serve the needs of other majors.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Game Designer/Developer
  • System Analyst/Operational Research Analyst
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Manager/ Network System Analyst
  • Actuary/ Statistician
  • Industrial/ Applied Mathematician
  • Mathematics Educator


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