Message from Dr. Helmut Langerbein, Dean

Dr. Helmut LangerbeinWelcome to the College of Liberal and Performing Arts at Southern Arkansas University.  The College of Liberal and Performing Arts is the most diverse college of the university. It consists of six academic departments – Art and Design; Behavioral and Social Sciences; English and Foreign Languages; General StudiesHistory, Political Science, and Geography; Performing Arts and Mass Communication – and offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs of study as well as a graduate program in Public Administration. The dedicated faculty members of the College of Liberal and Performing Arts comprise a vibrant community of teachers and scholars who share with their students their passion and knowledge of the arts, music, literature, history, and well as human and behavioral sciences. The College is especially proud to house the John G. and Dora J. Ragsdale Endowed Chair of Arkansas Studies and to offer the first program in Computer Game Animation and Simulation in the region.

Apart from instructing students in the content knowledge and methodologies of these disciplines, the College of Liberal and Performing Arts provides much of the coursework for the general education curriculum. Its academic programs and courses promote critical thinking abilities, effective written and spoken communication skills, and innovative and creative problem-solving capabilities – all preparing students for a wide variety of careers. According to a 2013 public-opinion survey published by Northeastern University, both employers and the public would rather hire graduates with a broad Liberal Arts education than students with narrow, job-specific skills. (Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 18, 2013).

College of Liberal and Performing Arts faculty are committed to fostering lifelong learning beyond the classroom, encouraging civic discourse and engagement, and imparting to students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to participate in the global community. In addition to the commitment to its students, the College of Liberal and Performing Arts also provides cultural access and educational opportunities for the people of the community and the region.

I invite you to further explore our website for information on our courses and degree plans. Please also do not hesitate to contact individual faculty members in their offices, by telephone, or e-mail.

Welcome and the very best wishes in your academic careers at Southern Arkansas University!

Helmut Langerbein, Dean