English & Foreign Languages


The mission of the Department of English and Foreign Languages is to provide the portion of a liberal arts education that employs language, literature, and written communication to develop the students’ ability to think critically, understand and appreciate diversity, adhere to ethical values, and communicate effectively in a global environment.

The department offers programs leading to the bachelor of arts degrees in English and in foreign language. The program in English serves both nonspecialists and students planning to do graduate work in English by promoting clear writing and critical reading of English, American, and world literature.

The program prepares students for careers in teaching as well as literary and linguistic scholarship; it also provides a background for a number of challenging professions. The program in foreign languages develops students’ proficiency in comprehension, reading, and writing in Spanish or French. The department also offers courses in Chinese and Russian. Foreign language graduates find opportunities in any number of professions and occupations.

Students wishing to earn a teaching license in English or foreign languages should fulfill the requirements for the B.A. degree with a minor in education and complete student teaching.

Mission Statements

English with Minor in Education
Foreign Languages
Spanish with Minor in Education