About the Residential College

Leadership Development

To begin the Residential College experience, all Residential College students will participate in the Annual Leadership Academy. This weekend will provide a firm foundation for leadership success. Throughout their freshmen year, Residential College students will be provided with various training and activities to participate in campus events and leadership development.

Some activities that Residential College students might participate in are:

  • Volunteer projects
  • Team competitions
  • Residence Hall Association
  • New Hall Government
  • Monthly Residential College meetings
  • Student Government Association
  • Fall R.C. Leadership Retreat

Service Learning

Service Learning is an important part of the Residential College. Residential College students are required to complete 15 hours of service learning each semester as part of their Freshmen Seminar and Career/Life Planning courses. These learning activities range from volunteering with the Columbia County Animal Protection Society to reading to children at one of the area schools. Residential College participants will also be required to participate in monthly meetings and one group service learning activity each semester.

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to enhance the knowledge learned in the classroom and to become involved with the Magnolia community. SAU also houses ten non-profit organizations in the Reynolds Building Community Center. This also provides students with service learning opportunities without leaving the SAU campus.