We admit first-year and transfer students based upon a global assessment of academic potential. We examine ACT scores, high school GPA, required submitted essays, letters of recommendation and other relevant information. Current SAU students who have earned at least a 3.5 GPA may petition the Honors College for admission. Students transferring from affiliated Honors 2+2 programs must hold a minimum college GPA of 3.25. Also, they must submit an online application, required essays, and letters of recommendation.

Students in the Honors College will find courses to be challenging and rewarding. Enrollment in honors classes does not simply earn the student extra assignments. Honors College classes are NOT like high school AP classes. Honors College courses differ from the standard college classes. Honors College classes do not necessarily involve a greater amount of work than other classes at the university, but they require students to apply critical thinking skills and to function at a higher cognitive level.

To earn the distinction as an Honors College graduate, students must complete a total of twenty-four hours of Honors College credit. Classes offered include seminars, general education courses, upper-level courses in the student’s major field, colloquiums, and independent studies.

All honors students have the option to live in the Honors Hall, the newest building on campus. Opened in Fall 2004, the Honors Hall can house eighty-six students in suites connected by a bathroom and ninety-six students in traditional rooms with a community bathroom. Currently, sixty-one Honors College students live in the Honors Hall, while the other seven students made the choice to live off-campus or in other residence halls on campus. The Honors Hall has a recreation room, computer lab, classroom, laundry room, ADA rooms, and an elevator.

The Honors Hall houses students enrolled in the Honors College and participants. It is commonly referred to as the best living quarters on campus. The Honors College Student Advisor is also housed in the Honors Hall in order to answer any questions and provide the students with 24-hour assistance and advice.