MS in Kinesiology -Coaching

Master of Science in Kinesiology – Coaching

Examples of courses offered in the Master of Kinesiology – Coaching program include:

  • Sport Administration
  • Psychology of Athletic Coaching
  • Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • Workshop in Kinesiology
  • Methods of Research in Kinesiology
  • Legal Issues in Kinesiology

Specific Degree Requirements

KINE 6323Sport Administration
KINE 6813Psychology of Athletic Coaching
KINE 6933Methods of Research in Kinesiology
KINE 6943Legal Issues in Kinesiology
KINE 6243Advanced Exercise Physiology
KINE 6423Instructional Strategies & Techniques in Coaching
KINE 6923Statistical Methods
KINE 6363Workshop in Kinesiology
KINE 6823Scientific Analysis of Sport Skills and Motor Learning
KINE 6433Sport Safety and Injury Prevention
KINE 6833M.S. in Kinesiology- Coaching Capstone Portfolio

Admission to the School of Graduate Studies does not imply admission to Online M.S. in Kinesiology – Coaching degree program.  Students who are seeking entrance into this program must also meet all the requirements listed below prior to enrolling in graduate courses.

  •   Make contact with the Program Director, Mr. Steven D. Dingman, either by phone (870-235-4383) or email (
  •   Complete and return the application for acceptance into the Online M.S. in Kinesiology – Coaching Program packet which includes the following:
  1. Cover letter and resume including a minimum of three references
  2.  “Acknowledgement of Program Requirements” form
  3. The Cooperating Agency / Mentor Approval Form

If required by the cooperating agency, you may be required to provide a copy of your Criminal History background check. You must complete one for acceptance to the program when required by the cooperating agency.

Procedure for Criminal History Check

  1. The ASP form 122, Individual Record check form, must be completed in its entirety.
  2. A check or money order in the amount of $25 made payable to the Arkansas State Police must be included for an AR record check.  An additional check or money order for $19.25, made payable to the Arkansas State Police, must be included for the FBI (national) record check.
  3. The signature on the ASP form 122 or approved agency form must be notarized.
  4. Return form and fingerprint card to:

Arkansas State Police, Identification Bureau
#1 State Police Plaza Drive, Little Rock, AR  72209

To contact the Identification Bureau, you may call 501.618.8500.

The ASP form 122 and the fingerprint card are available by contacting the Program Director.

  • Purchase a LiveText subscription

It is the responsibility of each student to read and understand the Student Handbook for the Online Master of Science in Kinesiology – Coaching Degree Program and the Portfolio Guide for the Online Master of Science in Kinesiology – Coaching Degree Program.

Criteria for Selection into Online M.S. in Kinesiology – Coaching Program

To ensure quality on-line instruction, the class size for each course is set at twenty students. In the event we receive more than twenty applicants to start each rotation the following criteria will be used to determine who will be selected;

1. Undergraduate degree area / GPA
2. GRE or MAT scores
3. Graduate Assistantship at SAU
4. Coaching experience 
Only those applicants who have completed all admission requirements will be considered for selection into the program.

The Coaching-Kinesiology program has been a great asset in my life… I have found a lot of value in it, and have enjoyed my two years here at SAU with the teachers. I love, love, love the teachers in this program.
Elena Villa Gomez
Elena Villa Gomez

The faculty is exceptional. You’ll have some of the best professors that you can find. They’re very helpful, always approachable. You can call them. You can email them. They are always willing to go above and beyond to help. 
Tim McKelvy
Tim McKelvy

Overall the program was great! … I really enjoyed the psychology part of it, learning about the different aspects of sports and how stress and different things can affect athletic performance, beyond athletic ability.
Tyler Sykora
Tyler Sykora

I felt like the experience went really well. I enjoyed all my classes, all my peers and discussions and feedback. Any assignment I did, I enjoyed it because I looked at it from a different perspective because I’m actually coaching now. I’m seeing things happen and as they are happening in front of me, I’m actually writing papers about them and how I handle situtations.
Zach Prothro
Zach Prothro


Health, Kinesiology, and Recreaction / College of Education

Hours Required: 33
Categories: Graduate
The Online Master of Science in Kinesiology - Coaching program (non-licensure) is designed to promote individual change within the professional practice of professionals enrolled in the program. The philosophical foundation of the master’s degree is to extend the students’ prior knowledge and experiences including an understanding of philosophy and ethics, safety and injury prevention, physical conditioning, growth and development, teaching and communication, sport skills and tactics, organization and administration, and evaluation.Students will be able to demonstrate competencies outlined by the National Standards for Sport Coaches as well as the competencies that have been established for the graduate programs at Southern Arkansas University.  The program will be delivered online to enable working professionals greater flexibility in completing their advanced educational studies.  The online format enables working professionals to complete their master’s degree in a timelier manner.  Many professionals working and/or living in communities within our region, due to restraints of time and distance, are unable to attend evening courses during the school year.  The online environment will allow more educators/coaches greater access to graduate education.Contact InformationMr. Steve Dingman 870-235-4383

Sports, physical, exercise, occupational, therapist, management, strength, conditioning, physiologist, trainer, football, athletic director, coach, baseball, volleyball, golf, basketball, softball

Program Contact

Mr. Steve Dingman
PO Box 8602
Magnolia, AR 71754

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