Master of Science in Agriculture

Statement of Purpose

The Master of Science in Agriculture gives the graduate student advanced knowledge in the field of agricultural education, preparing the student to succeed in positions of leadership and management in secondary schools and extension education.

Specific Degree Requirements

Each candidate desiring to complete the Master of Science in Agriculture degree must complete 33 semester hours, 18 of which are required core courses and 15 elective hours. The eleven courses will be offered in one calendar year. All courses will be taught online. This program is designed to best serve agricultural educators in providing a quality education to place- bound agricultural professionals.

Required Core Courses:

AGRI 6063 Advanced Leadership for Agriculture Professionals
AGRI 6083 Professional Development in Agriculture
AGRI 6123 Philosophy of Agricultural Education
AGRI 6133 Experiential Learning
AGRI 6153 Leadership of Volunteers
EDUC 6003 Educational Research

Select 15 hours from the following:

AGRI 6143 Adult Education in Agriculture
EDUC 6403 School Law
EDUC 5033 Classroom Assessment
EDUC 6083 Application of Learning Theories
EDUC 6043 Current Issues and Trends in Education
AGRI 6163 Practical Experiences for Career Orientation Courses
AGRI 6173 Methods of Organizing and Teaching Career Orientation
EDUC 6063 Applications of Technology in Education

Contact Information

Dr. Copie Moore

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