Master of Business Administration

AACSB ACCREDITEDThe Master of Business Administration (MBA) is offered by the College of Business at SAU. The 30  hour degree program will emphasize the higher level of knowledge and skills needed to manage organizations successfully. The general business emphasis curriculum includes graduate level courses in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational theory, quantitative analysis, strategic management, and management information systems. Additionally, critical perspectives will be emphasized within the program. These include ethical, global, political, social, legal and regulatory, and environmental issues; technology; demographic diversity; and written and oral communication skills.

Undergraduate Prerequisites

A student may be admitted into the MBA program if he/she holds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university regardless of the undergraduate field of study. Should a student have an undergraduate degree other than business, prerequisites would include:

  • Six hours of principles of accounting (sophomore level or above),
  • Three hours of business finance or financial management (junior level or above),
  • Three hours of statistics (at the junior level or above),
  • Three hours of principles of marketing (at the junior level or above),
  • Three hours of micro- economics (sophomore level or above), and
  • Three hours of organization theory and behavior or principles of management (junior level or above).

Course Requirements

The MBA Curriculum is designed primarily for graduates of a Bachelor of Business Administration program, but graduates of other programs can enter the program by completing a 24 hour prerequisite program.

The MBA is a 30 hour program which consists of 24 hours of MBA core courses and six hours of electives. A student can choose to complete courses in a traditional night program, through online delivery, or through a combination of the two.

Students must take the MFAT exam prior to completing the MBA program.

MBA Course Descriptions

MBA Course Rotation 2014-2019 -The 2-year rotation of courses by delivery method.

General MBA Requirements
MBA with Agri-Business Emphasis Program Requirements
MBA with Supply Chain Management

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