Library Media and Information Specialist

Statement of Purpose

The graduate program in library media and information specialist is committed to providing students with skills and knowledge basic to the profession of school library media, meeting the requirements for library media certification/licensure in Arkansas and most other states. Candidates pursuing certification in the state of Arkansas must meet the requirements as set forth by the state of Arkansas in order to receive licensure.

Specific Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the master’s degree in library media and information specialist must complete 36 semester hours including 12 semester hours of core education subjects plus an additional 24 hours of library specialization courses.

Library Media and Information Specialist Core Courses (24 credit hours)

LMIS 6013Management and Evaluation of Media Programs
LMIS 6023Information Access
LMIS 6033Collection Management and Development
LMIS 6043Integration of Library Resources into the Curriculum
LMIS 6053Instructional Design and Production
LMIS 6083Library Materials for Children and Young Adults
LMIS 6073Leadership and Professionalism
LMIS 6203Practicum in K-12 Library Media

Professional Education (12 credit hours) selected from the following:

EDUC 6103The Teaching of Reading
EDUC 6153Balanced Literacy
S ED 6013Secondary School Curriculum
E ED 6213Elementary School Curriculum
EDUC 6853Multimedia for Educators
E ED 6043Seminar in Elementary Education
S ED 6253Seminar in Secondary Education
EDUC 6403School Law
EDUC 6063Applications of Technology in Education
EDUC 6043Current Issues and Trends in Education
EDUC 5203Strategies for Content Area Reading

Contact Information

Ms. Peggy Walters

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