February 2014 Minutes


The Faculty Senate met on Thursday, February 20, at 3:40 pm in Reynolds 205.  Senators in attendance were Shannin Schroeder, Christie Hough, Sara Day, Shane Warrick, Stacy Clanton, Matt Lammers, Marek Dojs, Scott White, Karen Ferneding, Abdel Bachri.

The following senators were absent with proxies: Karen Ferneding served for Pat Clanton and Neelie Dobbins, Christie Hough served for Jennifer Logan, Scott White served for Tim Daniels and Copie Moore served for David Sanson.


Dr. T. Berry, Mr. Roger Giles, Mr. Paul McLendon, Mr. Jasper Lewis

 Visitors included

Mr. Del Duke

Call to Order

Pres. S. Schroeder called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.  Proxies read. 

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes by S. Day, A. Bachri seconded.  The motion passed.

 Special Orders of the Day

Reports by the Standing Committees of the Senate

  • Budget Committee – S. White reported that the committee had recently met with Dr. Berry and Mr. Paul McLendon to discuss upcoming budgetary issues.  A handout was distributed showing the committee’s proposals regarding class minimums and faculty pay.  The committee’s proposals/recommendations regarding course loads include the following: (1) reducing the minimum number of students in an undergraduate course from 10 to 8, (2) averaging overall student numbers of an instructor over 1 semester.  Additionally, the committee proposed the following recommendations regarding payment distribution options of faculty relating to overloads, intersessions, summer sessions and other payment opportunities: (1) faculty pay options include lump sum payment and equal monthly installments over a given session, (2) direct deposit as only method of receiving payment.  Discussion ensued.  A third payment distribution option was suggested allowing for payment to be spread over a 12-month period.  The committee’s report was unanimously accepted with a rider to work on the suggested third option for payment distribution.  Additionally, the Budget Committee reported on recent meetings with the administration where budgetary challenges were discussed.  Mr. McLendon discussed the “Private Option” of state Medicaid expansion and the consequences for higher education.
  • Handbook Committee – S. Clanton reported that the committee would meet soon to discuss various matters. 
  • Parking Committee – no report was given. 

Reports by Liaisons to University and Academic Committees

  • Teacher Education – S. Day reported that the committee was currently working to make adjustments based on newly revised standards.  
  • Research – S. Day reported the committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss 8 applications received. 
  • Discipline – M. Dojs reported the committee will be meeting soon to review five cases. 
  • Technology – M. Dojs reported the committee is still working to revise their mission statement and solidify the role and scope of the committee. 

Administrative Reports

  • Update on Enrollment– Dr. Berry discussed upcoming budgetary concerns for the university.  The primary concern at the present is the passage of the “Private Option” state Medicaid expansion.  Dr. Berry explained that if the state legislature does not pass this “Private Option” there will be an $89M funding gap in the state budget.

AQIP “Connect the Dots” numbers and the Academy launch 

  • Pres. S. Schroeder reported that 152 faculty and staff members participated in the event.  She also discussed the newly created Academy Launch.  Mr. Del Duke was instrumental in the creation of this new program that provides five program tracks for professional development.

Old Business

Ad Hoc Committee on Lost and Found Policy

  • Pres. Schroeder reported that the committee is still working on a new policy to address this matter.

New Business

Other matters as brought before the Senate

  • How is the Online Primer to be used for online and hybrid courses?  Discussion ensued.  Suggestions included sending the primer to every faculty member so that they are aware of the information in the program.  Questions also arose regarding whether the policy should be voted on by the Faculty Senate and ultimately included in the Faculty Handbook.  Additionally, what role does the Technology Committee play in this matter?  Dr. Berry responded that the University has until May to be “100% Online Ready”.  He then suggested his plan to create a Substantive Change Committee that would be comprised of 20 members selected by Dr. Berry.  Pres. Schroeder suggested that Dr. Berry also invite the Technology Committee to be involved in the discussion.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, March 20, 2014 in Reynolds 205.


The motion to adjourn was made by S. White and seconded by S. Warrick.

Submitted by Jennifer Logan, Faculty Senate Secretary, March 6, 2014.