February 2013 Agenda

February 21, 2013 – 3:40 p.m. in Magnolia Room 205 of the DWRCCC

 Call To Order

 Reading of Proxies

Approval of Minutes

  • Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes from January Meeting (distributed electronically)

Special Orders of the Day

  • Faculty Senate President Report
  • Update from the Administration including,
    • Legislative Update
    • Comments from University President Rankin

Reports of Standing, University and Academic Committees

  •  Faculty Senate Committees:  Budget, Handbook, Parking
  • University Committees:
  • Academic Committees
  • Active Search Committees

 Old Business

  •  Review and Discussion of 2012 Faculty Senate Recommended University Policy on the Appropriate Use of ALLUSERS Email Messages (included at the end of the post)

 New Business

  • Discussion of Senate Action regarding Arkansas House Bill 1243 (University Employee Concealed Carry Bill)

As May Come Before The Senate


 2012 Faculty Senate Recommended University Policy on the Appropriate Use of ALLUSERS Email Messages

  • Unanimously passed in March of 2012
  • Presented to the Faculty Assembly in April of 2012 by then-President Clanton
  • Reaffirmed by the 2012-2013 Senate in October 2012
  • Presented to the Faculty Assembly in November 2012.


 **From the March 2012 Minutes**

 On behalf of the Faculty Handbook Committee, Chair P. Clanton reported the following recommendation to amend the University Handbook (changes to the current policy are shown in bold).

 University Handbook Current Policy

 409 Posting of Notices and Allusers E-mail

  1.  All posters, signs, etc., are to be taken to the Office of Student Activities in the Reynolds Center, for stamping and distribution.  The office will provide workers to place signs at designated locations, and the signs will be removed at the expiration date.  This procedure does not apply to offices that have a designated bulletin board for specific information relating to that office.
  2. Allusers e-mail announcements are for official SAU communication.  Specifically:
    • Allusers e-mail may be used only if the matter concerns all faculty and/or all staff.
    • Allusers e-mail may NOT be used for class absence notifications.  If an instructor or other employee wishes to use e-mail to inform fellow instructors of a student’s absence, only the concerned instructors of the absentees should be notified, not all users.  However, students are still responsible for pre-approving their absences with instructors directly as per the Faculty Handbook (chapter VI.B.1.d.iii).
    • Allusers e-mail may NOT be used for lost and found items.
    • Allusers e-mail may be used ONLY to promote events that are sponsored by registered campus organizations or by college, department, or other academic units.
    • Allusers e-mail of a personal nature should be limited to announcements of deaths and funerals.