November 2012 Follow-Up Senate Meeting

Follow-Up Faculty Senate Meeting

November 28, 2012


The Faculty Senate met on Wednesday, November 28, at 4:30 pm in Science #101.  Senators in attendance were Scott White, Christie Morgan, Tim Schroeder, Shannin Schroeder, Svetlana Paulson, Stacy Clanton, Karen Ferneding, Dan May, Jan Duke, Chrisanne Christensen, Abdel Bachri, Mary Armwood, Vikram Bhadauria, Jennifer Logan.

The following senators were absent with proxies: Karen Ferneding served for Neelie Dobbins, Vikram Bhadauria served for David Sanson, and Abdel Bachri served for Hong Cheng.


Paul McLendon, Roger Giles, Dr. Allen, Brad Stout

Visitors included

Dr. G. White, Dr. D. Ashby

Call to Order

Pres. S. White called the meeting to order at 4:32 p.m.  Proxies read.

Special Orders of the Day

Session to Address Previous Vote of Approval for Fringe Benefits Committee Report 

Pres. White addressed the group, explaining that the vote taken at the end of the Faculty Senate meeting on November 15 had been worded incorrectly.  The vote of approval did not pass.  The Faculty Senate would instead need to hold a vote for the acceptance of the committee report, so it could then be shared with the faculty assembly on December 6.

  • SAU Post Employment Benefit Plan – Mr. McLendon explained that the reasons for the recommended changes to the SAU Post Employment Benefit Plan were mainly based on the large liability SAU must maintain on the books.  The recommendations were based on actuarial surveys.  In addition, the university is currently facing a great deal of uncertainty in regards to budget cutbacks and the implementation of performance funding measures.  Discussion ensued.  M. Armwood made a motion for a vote to accept the Fringe Benefits Committee report on the recommended changes to the SAU Post Employment Benefit Plan.  The motion passed.
  • SAU Health Insurance – Mr. McLendon discussed the suggested changes to the current SAU Health Insurance Plan and answered questions from the senators in attendance.  S. Schroeder asked if the suggested costs increases could be aligned more proportionally with the varying salary ranges.  She also expressed a concern that the Budget Committee was not included in the decision making process.  D. May also stated the cost increases could be adjusted to a more proportional amount.  T. Schroeder then moved that the Faculty Senate accept the committee’s report with a recommendation that a more proportional scale be applied to the monthly premiums conditional on salaries. S. Schroeder seconded the motion.  S. Clanton also requested that the Faculty Senate receive a report on the recommended changes from the Fringe Benefits Committee.  The motion passed.


The motion to adjourn was made by S. Schroeder and seconded by D. May.

Submitted by Jennifer Logan, Faculty Senate Secretary, December 5, 2012.