Mulerider Diary 4-16-13


Congratulations to the SAU faculty and staff members recognized for their outstanding service during the 2012-13 school year.

Below are the award recipients, which were announced at the Faculty Awards Dinner on April 12, 2013, and at the Staff Breakfast on March 18, 2013.

During the Faculty Dinner, a tribute video about retiring Professor of Nursing, Mary Armwood, was debuted. The video also announced that beginning in the spring of 2014, a Mary Armwood Diversity Excellence Award will be given each year. Watch the video on SAU’s YouTube channel!

Steven OchsHonor Professor
Steven Ochs
Prof. of Art


Vikram Bhadauria
Research Award
Vikram Bhadauria
Assist. Prof. of Management Information System


Dr. Alec Testa
Auburn Smith Service Award
Dr. Alec Testa
Assist. Prof. of Counseling
Michael Britt
Robert Walz Teaching Award
Michael Britt
Instructor of Music and Assist. Dir. Of SAU Bands


Stephanie Seymour
Calvin Wetzig Teaching Award
Stephanie Seymour
Assist. Prof. of Nursing
Dr. Ben Johnson
Recipient of the John G. Ragsdale, Jr.and Dora J. Ragsdale Endowed Professorship of Arkansas Studies
Dr. Ben Johnson
Prof. of History
Robert Rock Jones 2013 Professional Staff Execellence Award_email
Mary Anna King Whitehead Professional Staff Excellence Award
Robert “Rock” Jones
Skilled Trades Supervisor (Painting)
Richard Neal Richardson
Mary Anna King Whitehead Support Staff Excellence Award
Richard “Neal” Richerson
Skilled Trades Worker (Mechanic)