ASSET is an assessment, advising, and orientation program developed by ACT to identify the entering student’s basic skill levels in math, reading, and language usage. The primary goal of this assessment process is to efficiently and effectively gather information about the skills, needs, and plans of the entering student to assist in developing and implementing a sound program of study that will lead to the student’s goals.


In order to take the ASSET test, the student must receive approval from the Office of Admissions .


Entering students who meet the requirements to take the ASSET test are tested in Writing Skills and Intermediate Algebra. Each test is composed of multiple-choice questions and timed at 25 minutes. A calculator may be used on the math section.

Test Schedule and Registration Procedures

The ASSET test can be taken by calling the Office of Counseling and Testing (870-235-4145) to schedule an appointment upon receiving prior approval from the Office of Admissions.

On the Day of the Test

  • Bring $5.00 test fee, a pictured I.D., and two soft lead (No. 2) pencils.
  • Report to the Office of Counseling and Testing, Reynolds Center, 216.


Scoring is done on campus after the test is taken. A copy is forwarded to the Office of Admissions.