Advanced Placement


A student must complete all admission requirements and register for resident credit before Advanced Placement credit may be reflected on the student’s transcript. An official score report for Advanced Placement must be on file in the Counseling and Testing Center at Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, with a completed application for credit, before credit can be awarded.

A student who earns a scaled score of three or above on a particular Advanced Placement subject examination will be awarded credit for the course for which the Advanced Placement test is to be substituted. The equivalent course name, number, and hours credit will be placed on the student’s transcript. No grade will be assigned.

Advanced Placement credit will not be granted for Latin or German since these courses are not offered at Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia.

No more than fifteen (15) semester hours credit toward the associate degree and no more than thirty (30) semester hours credit toward the baccalaureate degree, including CLEP, Advanced Placement (AP), correspondence courses, and Credit by Examination, will be accepted.

Advanced Placement Policy 2015-2016