Testing Center

The Testing Center, a division of the Office of Counseling and Testing, is located in the Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Building, Room 216. The testing center houses two computer labs with a total of 35 computers. The Testing Center strives to provide students a central location for their testing needs as well as a comfortable testing environment. The Center also has the responsibility to protect the security and integrity of tests entrusted to them by the testing companies.

Testing hours are 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Hours vary during the summer term. The Center provides test proctoring for both paper-based and computer-based tests.

Graduate tests

Please note that the following tests have been retired:

Utilizing the Testing Center

  • The student needs to call the Testing Center at 870-235-4145 and make an appointment to secure a testing date and time. The Center administers many different tests, and some are available only on certain dates and times.
  • The student will need to submit the appropriate test fee, if applicable, to the Testing Center Office .
  • The student must bring some form of photo identification for entry into the Center along with any authorized materials and aids allowed for the particular test being taken.
  • Examinees are also asked to be aware of the Center closing time and allow plenty of time to complete the exam.
  • Food, drink, cell phones, and/or pagers are not allowed in the Testing Lab.
  • The Center does not have an official No Show policy, but if students repeatedly abuse the system, fees could be assessed before scheduling future appointments.
  • Examinees need to make sure they are given the correct exam and place their name or other identifying information on the exam in order to receive credit for the work they perform.

What Services Are Available to Students with Disabilities?

The Testing Center strongly urges students with physical, psychological, learning or other disabilities to contact the Office of Disability Services at 235-4145 prior to any testing. Students with documented disabilities may be entitled to a range of additional services while enrolling in and attending Southern Arkansas University.

Test Security and Academic Dishonesty Policy

The Testing Center strives to provide test security by carefully tracking tests and scrap paper. In addition, the Testing Center supports and adheres to standards for academic honesty set forth in the student code. Incidents of academic dishonesty in the Testing Center are treated seriously. Students found to be cheating will lose Testing Center privileges. If we observe a student using unauthorized aids, the Testing Center Staff will:

  • Stop the student and quietly ask him or her to leave the Testing Center.
  • Collect the test and all unauthorized aids.
  • Retain the test and all materials as an invalid test administration.
  • Report the incident, in writing, to the instructor, division dean, appropriate administrator, and/or testing publisher.