Alternative Spring Break

The mission of Alternative Spring Break is to bring together students of the SAU community, who might not otherwise interact in their usual social spheres, in the common interest of service to and education about the local and regional community, in order to promote and train future service leaders.  Alternative Spring Break is relatively new to the SAU campus.  The 2010 trip destination was San Antonio, TX and Houston, TX was this year’s destination.

ASB begins with a local project, where students play games and socialize with the residents at Dudney Wood Assisted Living.  The following day students travel to the destination where they will spend 4-5 days feeding the needy, helping with after school programs, cleaning up beaches, or leaning a hand where needed in the area.  Students are also given the opportunity to experience the culture of the city by visiting museums, art galleries, and sporting events.  During down time, students are allowed to shop explore areas near the hotel.

There is no limit on the number of students that many attend the trip.  The more the merrier!