Organizational Management

Why Management?

Leadership is an important aspect in any business. As a management major at the College of Business at SAU, you learn not only how to manage, but also how to become a true leader. Faculty members at the College of Business stress the importance of ethics.

Different degree tracks at SAU allow you to focus on what you truly want to do. If you prefer to manage employees, Human Resource Management would be the right choice. If you prefer to manage the logistics and resources of a company, then Supply Chain Management would lead you in that direction. And finally, for those who might become business owners, Entrepreneurship provides the avenue you’ll need.

What can I expect as a management major at SAU?

In the first two years, students will take a broad range of classes both in the College of Business and across campus. General education courses and lower level business courses such as Economics and Principles of Accounting will prepare students for the more advanced upper level classes. During this time, students will be assigned to a member of the Management faculty as an advisor to help  with class scheduling, professional mentoring, and  career placement.

In the student’s final two years, courses focus more on the degree. Students will be required to take such courses as Management Strategy and Policy, International Business, Production and Operations Management. Students may also choose from a number of electives, including Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics, and Industrial Psychology. On-the-job training is available through management internships.

What can I do with my SAU management degree?

The SAU College of Business has a strong record for job placement for graduates in all fields. Management majors can choose from a number of careers, or may look at starting a business of their own. SAU management alumni currently work in upper-level positions at prestigious firms such as Boeing, Wal-Mart and Wal-Greens.

What is special about SAU’s management program?

In addition to preparing students for careers in human resource management, operations management, and entrepreneurship, SAU’s program equips them with communication skills and a conceptual knowledge of international business. Students can “build their own degrees” by selecting from courses in areas like retirement planning, insurance, industrial/organizational psychology, and supply chain management depending on their career goals. They also have the option to taking an international field trip rather than studying international business strictly in a classroom setting. Students who meet the grade point average requirement (2.5 and above) may elect to participate in a semester-long internship program in which they work for an actual firm. SAU’s management graduates have taken jobs in retailing, banking, healthcare administration, and a variety of other fields. Some have started their own businesses. Salaries range from the subsistence living earned by the smallest of entrepreneurial ventures to the executive salaries paid by the largest of global corporations.