General Business

Why Business?

The expanding global economy offers a wealth of opportunities for today’s business majors.  Firms worldwide are looking for bright, motivated employees with the skills needed to make their business successful.  The fundamental concepts of a business degree give students valuable insights into today’s complex market.

Why General Business?

Most business majors will choose a traditional field of specialization such as Marketing or Finance.  However, others may wish to couple the core concepts of business with specialized skills in fields outside those of the traditional business degree.  For these students, the General Business Major is a great fit.

What are my options after the first two years?

The College of Business at SAU offers General Business Majors several choices following completion of the core business classes.

  1.  Students can choose to Minor in any of the approved Minor degrees offered by SAU. With this option students can couple the basic business concepts with specialized knowledge in arts, sciences, or many other fields taught at SAU.
  2.  Students interested in licensure to teach in public schools can choose the Education Track. Those in the education track will complete an additional 30 hours of coursework offered through the SAU College of Education.
  3.  Students can choose the Agricultural Industries Track where they will complete 16 hours of coursework through the SAU Agriculture Department.  In addition, these students will have 12 hours of additional electives split between business, agriculture, and free electives.
  4. Students can choose the Fire Sciences Track. This track adds  6 hours of upper level business courses, 6 hours of business electives, and 3 hours of free elective. Finally, students will complete 15 hours of coursework at the Arkansas Fire Academy located on the SAU-Tech campus in Camden, AR.