Bachelor of Music Education – Instrumental Music

Major in Music Education – Instrumental (BME) – 143-147 hours

University Requirement - 2 hours
GSTD                     1002                        Freshman Seminar

General Education - 35 hours(must include PSYC 2003 General Psychology) MUS 2013 Music Appreciation cannot fulfill the humanities requirement.

Education – 18 hours
EDUC                     2000                        Educational Field Experience, Level I
EDUC                     2003                        Introduction to Education and Field Experience, Level I
PSYC                     3013                        Educational Psychology
EDUC                     4043                        Assessment, Evaluation, and Measurement
S ED                     3003                        The Secondary and Middle School Curricula
S ED                     4023                        Supervised Field Experience Level II
SPED                     4073                        Survey of Exceptional Individuals

Student Teaching – 12 hours
EDUC                     4003                        Student Teaching Seminar
E ED                     4006                        Student Teaching in the Elementary School
S ED                     4103                        Student Teaching in the Secondary School II

Music Literature – 9 hours
MULI                      1013                        Introduction to Music
MULI                      4003                        History of Music I
MULI                      4103                        History of Music II

Music Theory – 18-21 hours
MUTH                    1093                        Fundamentals of Music Theory*
MUTH                    1003                        Written Theory I
MUTH                    1011                        Applied Theory I
MUTH                    1103                        Written Theory II
MUTH                    1111                        Applied Theory II
MUTH                    2003                        Written Theory III
MUTH                    2011                        Applied Theory III
MUTH                    2103                        Written Theory IV
MUTH                    2111                        Applied Theory IV
MUTH                    3012                        Form and Analysis

Fundamentals of Music (MUTH 1093) taken in the first semester of study, is a remedial course.  Credit for the course does not count towards the major requirements.
* Exemption with exam.

Instrumental Music Track -16 hours
MUED                    1000                        Concert and Recital Attendance (six semesters)
MUED                    3001                        Brass Methods
MUED                    3011                        Woodwind Methods
MUED                    3012                        Instrumental Conducting
MUED                    3021                        Percussion Methods
MUED                    3053                        Methods and Administration of Elementary School Music
MUED                    3061                        String Methods
MUED                    3172                        Marching Band Techniques
MUED                    3203                        Media Applications:  Orchestration and Arranging
MUED                    3212                        Methods and Materials of Instrumental Music

Applied Music and Music Ensemble – Instrumental – 26-31 hours
Applied music (major) -14 hours
Class piano/Applied Piano* -4 hours
MACV                    1211                        Beginning Class Voice
*The piano requirement can be fulfilled by passing the piano proficiency exam.

Music Ensemble – 7-8 hours of large ensemble
4 hours of small ensemble
MUSR            4000                Senior Recital

Proficiency in piano and senior recital.

Instrumental majors are required to take Beginning Class Voice (MACV 1211).  Instrumental Music Education majors are also required to enroll in a small instrumental ensemble (MUEN 1071/3071) once each year, adding another four credits to the major

Other requirements – 3 hours
SPCH      1113        Introduction to Public Speaking

PACT 8 Degree Plans