Nishan Shrestha awarded 2013 SI Scholarship

Nishan Shrestha is the 2013 recipient of the Dr. Robert Terry Supplemental Instruction Scholarship. Shrestha is a senior physics (pre-engineering) and math major from Nepal and has been an SI leader since his sophomore year.

Shrestha is the first generation in his family to have the opportunity to pursue a college degree.

“My parents were really supportive and wanted me to have a good education, so I got to come here and I studied hard to go far, “It is a long time to be away from home, but I like it here. Once I got over the home-sickness and made friends, it has been great.”

Shrestha said that he has taken advantage of SI sessions for classes he struggled in and believes in its value to all students.

“Every student has a weakness. Not every student is good at math,” he said. “I needed help with literature. As an SI leader, I have also noticed that I learn at the same time I’m helping others. Education is about adding up all that we learn.”

According to Shrestha, competition for the scholarship can be intimidating, but he didn’t let up. This is his third time to apply for the scholarship.

Shrestha will graduate in May and plans to go on to Oklahoma State University, where he will pursue a physics-related doctorate in engineering.

He attributes his education he received at SAU and the added support of a wonderful faculty, especially Dr. Abdel Bachri, for this next big step in his career plan.

“I give much of the credit for my degree to my professors,” said Shrestha. “The student-teacher ratio really matters. They are accessible and as concerned about your success as you are. I have little doubt the education and the efforts of my professors led to my acceptance by OSU. I’m thankful for that.”

SI has been established on campus since the early 90s, but the drive to begin an SI Scholarship was begun in 2010 by non-traditional student Debra Hartley, Dr. Terry’s last SI leader. Hartley wanted to recognize Terry’s dedication to academics, student success and his accomplishments before he retired that same year.

 Towey Leake, an SI leader for sociology, was the first recipient of the scholarship, followed by Nishant Shrestha, a physics major (not the same as the 2013 recipient) and Thurisha Raigama, a leader for math studies, in 2012.

Lavana Kindle serves as coordinator for the program.

The Dr. Robert Terry SI Scholarship relies on continuing donations, according to Director of SAU Foundation Jeanie Bismark.

“It is not funded by an endowment, so without renewed support the funds will be exhausted and the scholarship would have to be discontinued,” she said.

The scholarship provides $500 per semester. Candidates must be an SI leader with a recommendation from a faculty member.

To learn more about contributing toward this worthwhile program, visit SAU Foundation’s site and select the “Make a gift” link.

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