Non-Traditional Student Services

Students taking advantage of the non-traditional student lounge.

Non-traditional student groups are a very important part of the SAU family and we want you to enjoy your educational experience.  Non-traditional students often manage additional roles and responsibilities in life that make it more difficult to achieve their academic goals such as those related to having families and/or full-time jobs.

Given this reality, SAU is making new strides to provide supplemental support for everyone by creating the Office of Non-Traditional Student Services in conjunction with the Office of Student Life, thus enabling each student greater chances to achieve their academic goals.  Such support includes, campus resources, information, and support networks.  We look forward to meeting and working with each of you.

Who is a non-traditional student?

Southern Arkansas university defines the non-traditional student as any student who is:

  • over the age of 23,
  • enrolled part-time
  • students who are married or have children
  • those who have other obligations different than that of the traditional college student.

We understand both the special needs and talents of the non-traditional student, and we offer a number of programs to help ensure your success as an adult learner.  These programs allow non-traditional students to balance a course schedule around job and family responsibilities.

How do we help non-traditional students?

Although our non-traditional students are invited to get involved in traditional student programming, here are just a few of the specialized services we offer our non-traditional students:

  • Non-traditional student & transfer student orientation – Orientation is held before the first day of classes. Students will receive a post card with the date and time.
  • Online Non-traditional Student Freshmen Seminar – This specialized class is offered each semester to beginning freshman. Enrollment is automatic.
  • Non-traditional Student Organization (NTSO) – Applications can be picked up in the office, or at one of the association meetings.
  • Non-traditional student lounge
    • located in the Reynolds building, 2nd floor computer lab
    • Open 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Non-traditional student services office
    • Mulerider Activity Center room 106
    • Services include addressing the concerns and needs of students as they arise by helping direct students to the appropriate resources.
  • Commuter meal plans - These are purchased in the business office in Overstreet.
  • Online library services
  • Other Non-traditional Student Resources

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