University Hall

The University Hall Learning Community


SAU’s University Hall Learning Community would aim to empower sophomores to excel through providing opportunities to enhance academic and professional success, sense of belonging, engagement with faculty and peer mentors, and community citizenship and leadership.

During the sophomore year of college, many students struggle to find their place. These students acclimate to new social groups, make the decision on a major, and struggle with career indecision. They search for direction and attempt to take on added roles and responsibilities in order to add direction to the rest of their lives. It is our responsibility to encourage our students and provide them with proper direction and advice that will help them in becoming upstanding citizens, not only in our campus community, but in the surrounding communities as well.

Community Council

The Community Council would be composed of elected officers, representatives from the various Focus Communities, faculty members, the Resident Director, and Community Advisors. The Council would meet at least twice a month to discuss building issues/problems and solutions.  Also, the Council would plan and implement programs for the residents.

General Activities and Programs

    • Sophomore Advance – Explore the World of Work
      • Refreshments and information on careers, internships, resources, advice on creating your career path
    • Finding a major that “fits”
    • Networking events
    • Senior Advice for Sophomores
    • Social events
      • Community Council events
      • Halfway There Celebration – at the end of Sophomore year

Partnerships would be made between Housing and chosen faculty members. These faculty members would assist in programming efforts and act as mentors to the students of this community.

The Learning Communities

Think Green Community

With rising energy costs and the threat of decreasing natural resources on our horizon, “Thinking Green” needs to become less of a thought and more of a reality. Think Green would be a living-learning community that would promote a lifestyle of sustainability, energy conservation, and giving back to the environment.

Examples of activities and programs:

      • Recycling
      • Proper waste management
      • Monitoring wasted energy
      • Planting trees
      • Trip to visit a LEED building
      • Research ways SAU could conserve and protect the environment

Through this program, we hope to provoke thought and awareness in our students and spark a change in their everyday usage of the environment and its resources.

Wellness Community

The Wellness Community helps students stay on track while managing the many demands of the college lifestyle.  It will focus on being active, eating well, managing stress, enjoying healthy relationships, and more.

Examples of activities and programs:

      • Learning to create well-balanced meals on a budget
      • Eating healthy
      • Working out and attending fitness classes.
      • Setting realistic goals and working toward them
      • Speakers on healthy lifestyle topics
      • Hosting Housing’s annual 5K race

Pay It Forward Community

We have all heard the expressions that promote “random acts of kindness” and “paying it forward”, but what have we done to instill these ideals in the minds of our students? SAU’s Pay It Forward Community would focus on volunteer work and civility to create positive change in the SAU community.

The Pay It Forward Community would help the students become active citizens through education, service-learning, volunteerism, and promoting civility among one another.

Examples of activities and programs:

    • Adopt-a-Highway – road clean-up
    • Beautify Our Campus Day -  host a work day each semester to clean and beautify our campus
    • Participate in National Make A Difference Day (usually in October)
    • Volunteer around the community:  First Methodist Church Stew Pot, CAAPS, Homeless Shelter, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, Race for the Cure
    • Lead campus activities to promote “paying it forward”

Program and Selection Requirements

In order to qualify for the University Hall Learning Community, students must:

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be in good disciplinary standing
  • Have completed a minimum of 30 hours
  • Complete the 2-page essay
  • Fill out the online application
  • Choose and participate in one of the three learning communities:
    • Think Green Community
    • Wellness Community
    • Pay It Forward Community



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