Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Applications to the School of Graduate Studies are only accepted electronically. Click on “Application for Admission” in the sidebar and complete the form. Have a credit card ready for the application fee, then click “Submit.” A letter will be sent to you from our office within a few days with further instructions.

Where do I take my MAT or GRE test?

The MAT (Miller Analogies Test) is offered at SAU through our office of Counseling & Testing. Call 870-235-4145 to schedule a test. More information about the MAT and other testing locations are listed For GRE (Graduate Record Examination) information and testing sites, go

Where do I take my GMAT test?

For more information about the GMAT test, please visit the official GMAT website.

General Academic Inquiries
What programs are offered at SAU?

For a list of programs currently offered at SAU, please consult our graduate degree table.

How long is the program?

For information about the length of a program, please consult our graduate degree table.

Where do I get information if I am an International student?

For information for international students, please visit our International Student Services website.

Do I have to be a full time student?

No (Note: To receive a loan through Financial Aid, however, you must take at least 6 hours in fall & spring semesters and 3 hours in each summer session.)

How many classes do I have to take to be a full time student?

You have to take 9 credit hours (3 classes) to be a full time student. However, 6 credit hours (2 classes) in fall & spring and 3 credit hours (1 class) in each summer session will qualify you to receive a student loan.

Do you offer summer classes?

Yes, we do offer summer classes. Feel free to explore our Summer I and Summer II course offerings.

What are the policies for dropping classes?

Individual classes may be dropped through Campus Connect by clicking on “Registration” then “Add/Drop classes” until the 11th day of class of the fall & spring semester or 5th day of summer term. After 11th/5th day, only Graduate Students are allowed to drop on-line by clicking on “Registration” then “Graduate Course Drop” at the bottom of the drop- down list. To drop all classes or your last class, you must call the Office of Student Life at 870-235-4041 and withdraw from the university. On-line requests to drop your last class will NOT be processed.

When do online classes start?

Online courses normally start the same day as classes on campus begin unless you are notified differently by your instructor.

How can I take a class if I am not seeking a degree?

Apply as a non-degree seeking student. (see page 13 of the current on-line graduate catalog)

How do I complete my degree audit?

You can complete a degree audit by completing the 12 hour check list.

Where do I get my textbooks?

To see required books for your course, go to “Bookstore” link on the SAU home page and click on “Textbooks and Course Materials.” Books can be purchased or rented.

Do I directly contact the program director?

It is recommended that you contact your advisor when you are admitted to Graduate Studies; some programs have additional program admission requirements. Program Advisors can also help with which classes to take, as well as any specific questions about your program.

Who is my advisor?

When you are admitted to Graduate Studies, you will receive a letter with contact information for your advisor. Your advisor’s name will also be listed at the top of you personal page in Campus Connect.


Will I be able to register online?

Yes, you will be able to register online through Campus Connect.

Do I have to contact my advisor for registration?

No; however, it is advised that you touch base with your advisor before you begin for any additional program requirements, advice on classes to take and any time you have questions.

Can I pre-register?

Early registration usually opens the semester prior, approximately mid-term. See current SAU calenderfor exact dates.

After I register, how do I save my schedule?

Registered students must pay or make arrangements with the Student Accounts to pay tuition & fees by the “Pay by date” in Campus Connect to avoid having their schedule dropped. The instructions are below:

  • Login to Campus Connect
  • Move the cursor to “Student Information”
  • Click on “Review/Pay Account”
  • Select the term that you are enrolled to review your account
    • If you have a student loan
      • If the funds are posted on your account and you have a zero or credit balance, select “Save my Schedule” at the bottom of the page
  •  If you wish to pay in full
    • Select “Pay by Credit/Debit Card” at the bottom of the page
  • If you wish to create a payment plan (fall and spring only)
    • Select “Pay by E-Cashier/FACTS” at the bottom of the page

After your schedule has been saved, you will get a message that says “Your schedule has been saved” or if a problem occurs, it will provide you with a telephone number to call.

Are there any scholarships?

There are several scholarships that graduate students are eligible to receive. For more information, check out our scholarships page.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes, there is. Simply follow the instructions for applying for a student loan.

How do I know if I qualify for Graduate Assistantship or not?

See “Graduate Assistant Guidelines” at For more information, call Melody Mayo at 870-235-4167

What are the technology & system requirements for online classes?

Before committing to online courses, make sure to check the technology and system requirements necessary.

Where can I access Blackboard?

A link to Blackboard is accessible from every page on the website at the top of the page, between “Campus Connect” and “Magale Library”.

Where do I get my Login information?

Click on “Campus Connect” on the SAU home page and login as instructed. Once logged in, you will get your student email address and Blackboard login by the first day of classes.

Who do I call for technical support if I experience technical difficulties?

You can contact technical support by phoning the Help Desk at 870-235-4083 or by emailing




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