B.S. Mathematics

Major in Mathematics (BS)
120 hours (Mathematical Association of American Standards)

University Requirement -2 hours

GSTD                     1002                        Freshman Seminar

General Education - 28 hours (Mathematics and physical science courses are included in the major)

Mathematics – 37 hours

MATH                    1525 (1)                  Calculus I
MATH                    1545                        Calculus II
MATH                    2563                        Calculus III
MATH                    2753                        Linear Algebra
MATH                    3033                        Differential Equations
MATH                    3063                        Abstract Algebra
MATH                    3083                        Principles of Analysis

12 hours selected from the following:

MATH                    4003                        College Geometry
MATH                    4023                        Point-Set Topology
MATH                    4033                        Introduction to Complex Variables
MATH                    4043(2)                   Numerical Analysis
MATH                    4073                        Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH                    4123                        History of Mathematics
MATH                    4613                        Special Topics

Physical Science – 8 hours

CHEM                    1013/1011               College Chemistry I/Lab and
CHEM                    1113/1111               College Chemistry II/Lab
CHEM                    1023/1021               University Chemistry I/Lab and
CHEM                    1123/1121               University Chemistry II/Lab
PHYS                     2203/2201               University Physics I/Lab and
PHYS                     2213/2211               University Physics II/Lab

Other Requirements – 6-9 hours

CSCI                       2103(3)                   Computer Science I

Select option A or B

Option A:

3 hours of computer science at sophomore level or above

Option B:

6 hours of a foreign language at the university level or above

Completion of remaining hours to total 120 hours as approved by the advisor.  Student may need additional upper-level hours to complete the required 40 junior/senior hours.

No minor is required in this major.


PACT 8 Degree Plans